Tatine Votive Deep

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2oz. soy wax votive candle in smoke grey glass. Burn time approximately 16 hours. Made in Chicago.

Kashmir: Sandalwood, white incense, and dry woody amber oil blend with cardamom and saffron tea notes for a fragrant, spiced, creamy, and warm scent.

City of Night: Dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blend with cypress and fir needles and black pepper to create an oaky, woody, and velvety scent.

Gold Dust: Bohemian gold santal, saffron dust, and hyacinth blend with tobacco blossoms and incense for a powdery, musky, and dark scent.

Moonlight Mile: Grapefruit flower blends with sandalwood, black patchouli, and golden moon oil for a mysterious, deep, and powdery, musky scent.

Strangest Color Blue: Fresh flower petals blend with driftwood and water lily for a misty, soft, and dreamy ocean scent.


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